We were bowled over by the brilliant entries to our recent Individual Inns Poetry competition

‘Release the Poet Inn You’

It was very difficult to pick a winner as the standard of the compositions was amazing, and the styles and subjects all so varied.

Thank you very much to everyone who took the time to enter, we really appreciate it, and were touched by your very kind observations about our lovely inns.

In the end we had two great entries from Gwynedd Colling from Wrightington, Wigan and so crowned Gwynedd our overall winner.

Gastronomic Delights at Scenic Sawley
Come to Sawley, it’s such a delight,
An Abbey, the river, and wonders at night.
Visitors to the Trough come from near and far
To where starlight sprinkles the inky dark sky.
Meteor showers, Pegasus and Mars
and the Spread Eagle Inn itself a star.

Visit Sawley Abbey and walk back in time,
stroll by the river on the way to dine
at the Spread Eagle Inn, the local treasure,
serving the best is their absolute pleasure.
A hearty breakfast to start the day,
a romantic dinner and welcoming stay.
To visit here needs little persuasion,
the ideal venue for any occasion.

Walk where nature weaves magic each day and night,
Sights and sounds combine to enthral and delight.
Step out of the bustle of daily routine
In to nature’s world of spectacular scenes.
To dream of tomorrow, reflect and be still
Take the road, find peace at the Spread Eagle Inn.

Any day, any season from sunrise to sundown
The Spread Eagle at Sawley deserves the crown.

A Hedgehog, a Rabbit and a Mouse
A hedgehog, a rabbit and a mouse drinking gin
Said ‘Let’s go on a jaunt to the Spread Eagle Inn’.
The audacious trio on the shake of a dice,
Primped and preened all day to make themselves nice.
A hedgehog, a rabbit and a mouse all three
Decided Sawley was the right place to be.

One star spangled night with a sky inky black,
They rode off at midnight in a red cadillac.
A super moon and shooting stars lit the way
To the Spread Eagle Inn, a great place to stay.
Gastronomic delights and sights to see,
For the intrepid travellers all three.
Breakfast awaited the adventurous three,
Sausage, eggs and bacon, toast, coffee and tea.
The trio rambled around the scenic Trough,
Then ordered lunch of beef stroganoff.
The Spread Eagle at Sawley a great place to be
Agreed hedgehog, rabbit and mouse all three.